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Sewage and drainage cleaning in Prague

Live in Prague and looking for a reliable company for cleaning your clogged sewage or blocked drains?

You can count on us! We’ve been providing services connected with the management and maintenance of sewage in Prague and beyond for over 23 years! We pride ourselves on our professionalism, state-of-the-art equipment and last but not least our value for money.

Order sewage and drainage cleaning in Prague

In the event of an emergency, call our operator on +420 722 153 921 from 6.30am to 6pm. If it’s not an emergency, you can use our Online form.

The sewage system in Prague has a very specific apparatus and we know it well

Sewage and household drainage cleaning for individuals and institutions in Prague is our main source of business. Prague’s historic sewage system is very specifically laid out compared to other cities in Bohemia and Moravia. We know its inner workings very well and as a result of our many years of experience with sewage cleaning and household drain cleaning in Prague, we’ve no trouble in fixing them!

Our cleaning vehicles are equipped with pressurised water and motor spirals. As a result we clean your sewage or household drains in just one trip!

Price-list for sewage cleaning    Order our services

Order sewage and drainage cleaning in Prague from Herčík and Kříž

Are you experiencing problems with sewage but don’t know what to do? Unsure of what service or equipment to order?

Please tell us your problem in as much detail as possible and we will suggest a tentative solution.
If necessary we can arrange an inspection and consult with you on your problem.

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