Sewer inspection

Repeated problems? Our camera inspection will reveal the cause

Do you have in-growing roots, hardened concrete or a cracked pipeline? Camera inspection will reveal the cause of your sewer problems. We detect the problem, mark its location on the surface and recommend a method of repair. We carry out sewer inspections in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region.

sewer inspection by camera

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Need help or want to make an appointment for sewer inspection? Call our operator on tel. +420 722 153 921 from 6.30am to 3pm or use our Online form.

Is your wastewater pipeline blocked regularly? Do you need a sewer inspection before renovations or handing over a building?

We provide camera inspections for government institutions, housing associations, companies and individuals. Revision, inspection, monitoring - whatever term you want to call it our highly experienced technicians equipped with 4 camera systems will do the rest. Our equipment inspects pipelines of all diameters as well as household connections.

We inspect your sewer and issue you a written report and video record on USB flash disc. You can see the distance covered and description of the defects on screen including crack size, neck overlap, oval shape character and pipeline slope. We detect defects and suggest a method of repair. More than 18,000 satisfied customers prove that we carry out the work properly.

We solve all problems with wastewater pipelines. Look no further.

  1. We clean all sewer pipelines.
  2. We detect the condition and cause of the blockage.
  3. We suggest a method of repair and estimate a price.
  4. We fix pipelines by milling, using trenchless technology or by excavation.
  5. If necessary we can also clean your household drains.

Tip: Regular and timely sewer monitoring and intervention can save you money on more expensive repairs or damage in the event of a pipeline emergency. So before you start renovating, our camera inspections will ensure sure you don’t need to repair that new floor again after only six months because your pipes have to be changed.

sewer inspection system

Our camera systems fit all pipelines

We use 3 camera systems for inspecting pipelines of every diameter and 1 for inspecting household connections. Our vehicles access the areas standard equipment can’t get to. And because our equipment is portable we can access even the most hard-to-reach locations. Our modern equipment measures the crack size, neck overlap, oval shape character and pipeline slope. The distance covered and a description of the damage can be viewed on screen during the inspection process.

Video records of sewage camera inspections

See this record of a sewage camera inspection that revealed pipeline defects

Locating a sewer via camera inspection

We use camera systems also for locating sewers. We determine the place of the defect in the pipeline but also locate the sewer, including branching, cleaning components, curves and covered revision shafts. Our location device measures the pipeline up to a depth of 10 metres under the surface. As standard we mark locations on the surface with places for lids.

Why and when should I locate and inspect my sewer?

  • To reveal the cause of the sewage block
  • In case of repeated sewage blocking
  • Collapsing surfaces nearby sewage
  • Wastewater or rainwater leaking into the building
  • Bad odour in the building
  • Damp walls
  • Sewer inspection before renovation works
  • Sewer inspection after renovation
  • Handing over a sewer after its construction
  • Locating the direction of a sewer using a locating device
  • Looking for branches, curves, revision shafts and other components in sewage



The latest technology for screening sewer system and pipe tests.


Recorded screening of footage, conditions and defects. Inspection report and video delivered on USB flash disc.


Trained technicians with several years of experience.

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Selected references from our customers

"The village of Psáry has used Herčík and Kříž’s services, from cleaning gutter rainwater and waste water sewage to camera inspections of watermains. We’ve always been happy with their work."
Renata Sedláková Property Management, Municipality of Psáry

When it comes to sewerage, we can do anything