Sewage and reservoir leak tests

Is it 100% sealed? We carry out tests using air pressure and water

Need a leak test of your sewer, shaft or reservoir? We use traditional methods as well as the most modern methods controlled by computer to evaluate all processes and issue report results. We solve around 6,000 problems s with sewage in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region every year.

sewage and reservoir leak test

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Construction companies use our services before handing over buildings to investors, other companies or individuals usually during construction or when experiencing problems with reservoirs, cesspools or septic tanks

We provide leak tests of sewer pipelines, reservoirs and tanks according to ČSN EN 1610 standard and ČSN 75 0905 standard. We issue a report after the leak test. For the sewage leak test report itself we also include a plotted graph of the process, giving you the chance to inspect it with us on location and watch the test on our computer screen.

We use the latest leak test methods controlled by computer In the case of reservoirs, we evaluate surface decrease with measuring rods. We usually use one of these methods:

  • Testing using compressed air - we carry out leak tests of pipelines, gutters and sewage shafts. We run a fast and cost-effective service. There’s no need to fill up the tanks with water as our tests can be used for all pipeline materials.
  • Free surface test methods are used for leak tests of shafts, reservoirs and tanks. The price usually increases because the water tank will need to be filled.

We’ve been taking our job seriously and doing it professionally over 30 years. Over 18,000 satisfied customers prove it. We deal with any issue connected with sewage so look no further.

control unit for sewage leak test

We always use modern technology for leak tests. It’ll save you money.

Sample report about a sewage leak test

sewage system leak test report



We prepare a report detailing the results and progress of all sewer system leak tests. The process can be viewed on PC.


We use the latest leak test methods operated by our computers. We also perform tests using compressed air or using the free surface method.


We provide sewer system leak tests according to the ČSN EN 1610 standard and the ČSN 75 0905 standard.

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