Sewage repairs by excavation or using trenchless technology

We repair damaged pipelines easier than you might expect

Has camera inspection revealed damage to your sewer? Does your sewer need to be renovated or do you have slops in the revision shaft? We solve around 6,000 problems with sewers in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region every year. We provide trenchless repairs using inserts or by excavation.

trenchless sewer and pipelines repairs

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We fix spot defects in sewers and perform complete renovations of household sewer systems. We excavate sewers, using trenchless technology and recover revision shafts and reservoirs. We detect every issue using camera inspections.

Trenchless sewer repair

Pipeline insertion technology does not really affect its operation during repairs and is several times faster and cheaper than excavation repairs. It eliminates pavement breakage and avoids other mains and associated works. We use short recovery inserts for spot defects and long recovery sleeves for longer pipelines with more defects.

Trenchless sewer repair

Construction sewer repair by excavation

Excavation repair can sometimes be cheaper than pipeline lining, especially when the defect is easily accessible or when the pipeline is not very deep. If the pipeline is buried or has the wrong slope, excavation is the only possible way to repair it. We are able to cater to both options.

Over 18,000 satisfied customers are your failsafe guarantees. We deal with all problems with sewage so look no further. We’ve been keeping small and large pipelines operating for the past 30 years.

  • We clean sewage, gutters and  household drains.
  • We determine the condition and reason for the sewage blockage with our camera system.
  • Depending on the condition we’ll suggest a method of repair and estimate a price.
  • We fix pipelines using milling, trenchless technology or by excavation.

We use the appropriate technology to suit each repair

The process of trenchless sewer repair

The most common repairs for companies, government organisations and individuals

  • Trenchless repairs using pipeline lining
  • Spot emergency sewer repairs after pipeline inspection using our camera system
  • Altering old or constructing new household sewage distribution systems including standpipes
  • Construction, recovery and repair of revision shafts, wastewater reservoirs and grease separators using recovery concrete
  • Construction or repair of rainwater gutters including wastewater pipeline
  • Construction or repair of drain gutters
  • Repair or construction of street, courtyard and mountain rainwater inlets
  • Repair or exchange of bathroom inlets
  • Construction of household sewage connections



Trenchless repair is faster, without the need for excavation and leaving minimal operational impact.


We detect problems using cameras and suggest an appropriate solution and pricing plan in advance.


We solve all problems affecting sewer systems, giving you peace of mind.

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