Sewer and pipeline milling

Got concrete or roots in your sewer? We’ll remove it without excavating it

Have roots penetrated your sewer? Do you have concrete in your pipelines? Or has standard cleaning come up short in trying to unblock your solid clog? Our robotic milling machines remove even the largest obstacles without the need for excavation work. Why us? Every year we solve around 6,000 sewage problems s in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region.

sewer and pipeline milling

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Sewer cleaning hasn’t helped? Pipes getting repeatedly blocked? Or has camera inspection found solid obstacles? Excavation repair is expensive. But pipe milling is a viable alternative.

We use professional technology for concrete milling. Controlled robotic milling machines can access any part of your pipeline and simultaneously detect and locate sewage. So we never commit to milling without seeing the defect first, which means we solve your problem faster.

We use different types of milling machines for milling roots. If there’s a risk that the roots will grow into the sewage again we recommend the insertion of recovery sleeves. We mark the defect location and because the sewer is repaired without excavating, we can immediately fix things.

With over 30 years of experience no sewage issue surprises us. More than 18,000 satisfied customers prove that we carry out the work properly. What’s more, we resolve all sewage issue so you need look no further.

  1. We clean sewers, gutters and household drains.
  2. Our inspection camera system detects the cause of your pipeline clog.
  3. Depending on the assessed condition, we’ll then suggest a method of repair and give you an estimated price.
  4. We fix pipelines by milling, using trenchless technology or by excavation.
controlled robotic milling machine

Sewer milling requires maximum power

Hardened concrete, building materials and other sediment found in sewers won’t last long after our robotically controlled milling machines get to them. Our robotic milling machine crushes all obstacles and our water nozzles flush them away. We combine our camera and routing system to reveal even the smallest problem in your pipeline and fix it immediately.

The process of root milling in sewers using robotic milling machines



We use robotically controlled milling machines, milling machines using water pressure and milling machines for cleaning spirals.


We remove roots from pipes, leaked concrete, hardened drifts, rammed pipes and other obstacles affecting sewer systems.


necessary we can also install insertions into problematic drain parts after milling.

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Describe your sewage problem or call +420 722 153 921 between 6.30am and 6pm. We’ll calculate the estimated price and arrange a date for milling. Or we can also call out to inspect the defect and propose a solution.

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