Baskets for water inlets

Do you need new inlet baskets? We deliver them

We solve over 6,000 sewage problems a year. This also includes the delivery of new sewerage elements such as rain gutter baskets.

gratings and baskets for water inlets

Order a basket for your yard or street drain

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We supply these bins for storm drains

  • street drain basket high
  • street drain basket low
  • high yard drain basket
  • low yard drain basket
street drain baskets

We do not send bins into storm drains. After telephone agreement, it is possible to pick up the bins at our office at K Hájům 2639/7, Prague 5.

If necessary, we will deliver the baskets as part of the work being carried out. On selected trucks, we take the baskets to the yard drains so that we can immediately refill the basket after our intervention.


We also supply any missing sewage components



We supply commonly used grates for street inlets made from plastic because they are rarely stolen.


We also provide baskets for courtyards and street inlets and dirt catchers for siphons in a variety of baskets and slippers.


We adjust composite grids to fit the size you need.

Order a basket for your yard or street drain from Herčík and Kříž

Write to us or call us on +420 722 153 921 between 6.30am and 6pm. A member of our team will answer all your questions, arrange a date and calculate the estimated price.

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