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Why choose Herčík and Kříž?

Size and horsepower matters. And we’ve the equipment to show it!

We solve all issues with sewage and drainage. We handle over 4,500 cases every year. Over12,700 of our customers, have relied on us to sort out their leak issues. Somebody has to do the dirty work. And that’s where we come in. We’ve been at this for 26 years.

  • We’re not wet behind the ears. - If you’re having problems with sewage we won’t let you down. In the 23 years we’ve been doing this we’ve ironed out the kinks to deliver a fast efficient service. Our technology services Prague, the Central Bohemian Region and the greater Czech Republic. You can’t miss us. We’re in violet and green.
  • We guarantee best ratio of price to performance - we use powerful technology that works faster, making things more affordable for you. In our game, size and horsepower matters. Just try another company with less efficient technology and watch the price increase. We’ve tried the same.
  • You’ll save on transport and water - we don’t make needless trips for water during cleaning and we don’t take it from your tap. We’d be there all day and nobody wants that. Plus you’d end up paying too much for water. Our vehicles have large tanks and recycling units with enough water so that we don’t need to go back to  our business premises for water.
  • We’ll unblock even the most clogged drain - we clean your sewage regardless of how tough the task is. Company that use less efficient technology will make you believe after a few botched attempts that your pipeline is broken and impossible to clean. You’ll end up paying for cleaning and unnecessary repairs. But the right technology ensures that doesn’t happen. Like ours technology.
  • We charge only for cleaning, not for attempts - For us, clean sewage means that it’s clean without sediment or dregs. Even if we’re to clean the pipes ten times over, you’ll only ever pay for one cleaning session. When other companies charge for "repeated cleaning" you can be sure your costs will mount.
  • We clean with water and motor spirals - Our vehicles are equipped with technology for sewage cleaning using water pressure and we mechanically clean household drains. So we clean sewage and drains in just one trip, meaning you don’t need to pay for extra trips or vehicle.
  • Labour is included as is disassembly and reassembly of your toilet, siphon and similar components. Smaller companies will charge you for technology used and labour costs. But we think it’s only fair to to include price of at least 2 technicians. Technology doesn’t run itself.

Now you know why to choose Herčík and Kříž

Describe your problem and a member of our team will advise you, calculate the estimated price and arrange a date for the call out. Or we can also come to see the defect and propose a solution. In case of an emergency, please call +420 722 153 921 from 6.30am till 6pm.

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