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We solve all problems with sewage. Look no further.

We handle all services associated with sewage. We’re 26 years strong and still going. There’s no issue that our experienced technicians can’t handle as we use only the most powerful technology. We solve around 5,500 problems every year, quickly and efficiently. And we’ve got 17,000 satisfied customers from Prague, the Central Bohemian Region and the greater Czech Republic to prove it.

Sewage and pipeline cleaning

We call out to deal with thousands of cases of sewage, gutter and pipeline cleaning every year. Our vehicles use only the most powerful technology. We could even unblock a pipe clogged by an elephant.

Recycling extensions suction back impurities contained in water, recycling it immediately and using it for further cleaning. We dispose of all waste straight to the tank so that we can clean long sections faster and reducing costs for you.


Cleaning of household drains

Are your household drains blocked or draining poorly? We clean all type of drains and regularly deal with the worst emergency situations. And we’ve experienced a large number of those over the past 26 years.

We clean household drains with motor spirals or pressurised water. Our vehicles are equipped with both so that we can solve all of your problems in just one trip. And increased power means faster cleaning and a better price for you.


Sewage camera inspection

Is your pipeline often blocked? Do you need to inspect your pipeline before renovating or handing over your building? We carry out inspections using the latest camera systems.

In-growing roots, hardened concrete, cracked pipes? Our camera inspections will reveal the cause of your sewage troubles. We get to the root of the issue, locate it and recommend a method of repair.


Sewage and concrete milling from pipelines

Got concrete deposits or in-growing roots in your pipeline? Has standard cleaning not got rid of the hardened clog? Our robotic milling machines remove even the largest obstacles with no need for excavation.

We use professional technology for milling concrete and roots in sewage. If the roots are deemed capable of growing into the sewage again we recommend the insertion of recovery sleeves in your pipeline.


Sewage repairs with excavation or trenchless repairs

Has camera inspection revealed sewer damage? Do you need to renovate your drainage system or are there slops in the revision shaft? We’ll fix it.

We provide sewage repairs with excavation or trenchless insert repairs as well as revision shaft recovery and reservoir repairs. We assess the extent of the issue using cameras and recommend a method of repair.


Sewage and reservoir leak tests

Construction companies use our services before handing over buildings to investors usually during construction or when they’re having trouble with reservoirs, cesspools or septic tanks.

Do you need a sewer, shaft or reservoir leak test? We use traditional methods and the latest PC-controlled methods to deliver the right results for all reports.


Suction of wastewater and sludge

Do you need reservoir, septic tank, sludge tank suction? Need to drain a flooded basement or elevator shaft after a rainstorm? Or has it come to the stage where you need to dispose of your septic tank?

We’ll suction, clean and dispose of it. Our suction power technology can handle anything. We also directly clean the tanks with pressurised water and clean the inlet pipelines for reservoirs.


We sell grating and baskets for rainwater inlets

Do you need grating, baskets for rainwater inlets, grates, separators or other sewage components? We resolve all issues involving sewage, including delivery of these components.

Are your cast-iron grids getting stolen? We suggest getting grids made of special plastic which won’t attract iron thieves. We offer Polyplast as well as products made of composite and class A flame retardancy components.


Do you need help with sewage?

Describe your problem and a member of our team will advise you, calculate the estimated price and arrange a date for the call out. Or we can also come to see the defect and propose a solution.

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