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Sewage components and inlet supply

Do you need new grating, grates or inlet baskets? We deliver them

Every year we solve on average 5,500 problems with sewage. Our services also cover the supply of new sewage components, such as grating, baskets for rainwater inlets, gutters, lids, grates and separators. Is your cast-iron grating being stolen? We deliver grating made of special plastic to deter all thieves.

Order our sewage components

Need help or want to make an appointment? Call +420 722 153 921 from 6.30am to 3pm or complete our online form Online form. A complete overview can be found in our sewage component price-list.

Has your rainwater inlet grating been stolen? Need a new basket for your courtyard inlet? No lid or basket in your gutter? We resolve all issues with sewage, including the supply of plastic grating, composite grates and baskets for street inlets.

We supply sewage components

  • Grating for street inlets made of Polyplast
  • Baskets for street rainwater inlets - type "Liberec Big", "Liberec Small" and "Prague Standard"
  • Grating and baskets for courtyard inlets
  • Lids and dirt catchers for rainwater gutters
  • Gutter basket type: "Slipper"
  • Dirt catchers for roof outlets
  • Composite grates

Looking for components that won’t be stolen?

If your cast-iron or iron grating for street inlets are attracting the attention of thieves, we’ve the easy solution. Grating made of Polyplast does not get stolen, and does the job just as well as iron.

The most popular components we deliver are - composite grates and grating for emergency walkways, plastic lids for courtyard inlets and gutters, grating for street inlets, mountain inlets. Products made of composite are not suitable for road transport loads but do meet A fireproof class standards. Plastic grating can handle road transport up to D400 category with a minimum capacity of 40 tonnes.

We don’t waste your time as proven by our quality certificates and 17,000 satisfied customers. We’ve been keeping sewage flowing for over 26 years. We also take care of all other problems with sewage, so you need look no further.

Price-list for sewage components     Order

We also supply any missing sewage components

You’ll find a complete list of our components in our price-list

5 reasons to choose Herčík and Kříž delivery for your sewage components

  • 26 years on the market, 17,000 satisfied customers and an average of 5,500 call-outs every year
  • We deliver grating and baskets without delay
  • We offer composite and special plastic materials
  • We handle everything connected with sewage, so look no further
  • Our quality certificate accords to the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 standard

Order sewer components from Herčík and Kříž

Write to us or call us on +420 722 153 921 between 6.30am and 6pm. A member of our team will answer all your questions, arrange a date and calculate the estimated price.

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