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Wastewater and sludge suction

Is your reservoir, cesspool or grease separator blocked? We’ll suction and dispose of it

Companies, water institutions and individuals regularly call on us. So if you have a reservoir, grease separator or just a flooded space, we’ll suction, clean and dispose of it. Every year we resolve around 4,500 problems with sewage in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region. No excuses!

Order grease separator or septic tank wastewater disposal

Need help or want to make an appointment? Call +420 722 153 921 from 6.30am to 3pm or use our online form Online form.

Need to empty a reservoir, septic tank or sludge tank? Or do you need to drain your flooded basement or elevator shaft after a rainstorm? We’ll be there straight away. Our technology would suction a pin from the bottom of the sea.

We’ll remove and dispose of it

  • Grease separators used in restaurants with large kitchens or meat processing and similar facilities
  • Sludge from slop pumps, reservoirs and septic and other tanks
  • Water from flooded spaces using sludge pumps and impurities using industrial hoovers
  • Excrement from cesspools and septic tanks requires regular disposal

We immediately clean your tanks

Our suction vehicles with recycling or combined extensions are also equipped for sewer and pipeline cleaning using pressurised water. After removal of dirt and sludge, we clean all tanks, reservoirs, rainwater, courtyards, streets, mountain inlets, sand catchers and settling tanks. They’ll look like new.

For 23 years we’ve been maintaining sewage even handling cesspool disposal. Our quality certificates and 12,700 satisfied customers prove it. We deal with all sewage issues, so you need look no further.

Price for wastewater suction    Order our services

If you need to suction it out, we have the power to do it

We suction solid sludge from the greatest depths and over the longest distances. Even if your reservoir is far from the driveway, our equipment is up to the task with suction power of up to 3,100 m3 per hour and a total connected hose length from 30 to 200 m. Our tanks hold up to 13,000 litres of sludge so the job is done in just one trip.

More about our technology

Suction vehicle in operation

Video footage of our call-outs

7 reasons for calling Herčík and Kříž to take care of your dirty work

  • 23 years on the market, 12,700 satisfied customers and an average of 4,500 call-outs every year
  • Our equipment would suction a pin from the bottom of the sea
  • Grease separator cleaning and excrement removal - we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty
  • You only pay once for transport because whatever we suction we remove it in one trip
  • Our powerful suction technology reduces workload to a quarter of the usual time, making things more affordable for you
  • After emptying waste from your reservoir, we immediately clean it using pressurised water
  • We handle all sewage issues, so you need look no further

Order waste suction and disposal from Herčík and Kříž

Write to us or call us on +420 722 153 921 between 6.30am and 6pm. A member of our team will give you an estimated price and arrange a suitable date.

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