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We deliver the best services at affordable prices.

Discounts on large orders

Our price-list is calculated for small orders. We offer special quotations with significant discounts on s large orders. We also offer discounts according to the amount of services ordered for our regular customers during certain periods. Just call Jaroslav Pátek to discuss what you need on +420 722 153 921, you can also use our Online form.

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Why we represent better value than our competitors

  • We use the most powerful technology, allowing us to work more efficiently. Instead of wasting hours that other companies would spend working with outmoded technology, we’re usually finished in 20 minutes. So although our competitors may seem to charge lower rates you end up paying less for our services in the long run.
  • We can treat any type of blockage. Our competitors, after several botched attempts, will probably try telling you that the sewer is broken and can’t be cleaned. And you’ll still have to pay for useless repairs of the alleged defect. But the technology we use is more than enough.
  • Cleaned sewage for us means that everything’s perfectly clean and free from all sediment and dregs. Even if we clean your pipes ten times over, you’ll still only pay when we give you a result. If other companies charge you for "repeated cleaning" you can be sure their services are going to be very expensive.
  • Our cleaning vehicle tanks are of ample volume, so we don’t need to go back for water or wait for it to fill from your taps. This way we save time and your money.
  • Our vehicles are equipped with technology for cleaning using pressurised water and mechanical cleaning with motor spirals. So we clean your sewage and household drains in just one trip.
  • The labour of at least 2 technicians is included in our cleaning price. Our competitors will charge you for vehicles and for technicians. Not us. You don’t pay for our technicians Neither do you pay for disassembly and reassembly of toilets and siphons.
  • We use only our own equipment. We don’t rent vehicles so you don’t pay for their hire. We solve all problems involving sewage with our own equipment.
  • We’ve been running our sewage services for over 26 years. We’ve ironed out all the kinks and learned how to work quickly and efficiently. In our business, power is important and that’s why we use only the most powerful technology. Every time you see our violet and green colours you can be sure you’re getting the best.

Book our sewage specialists

Describe your problem and a member of our team will advise you, calculate the estimated price and arrange a date for the call out. Or we can also come to see the defect and propose a solution. In case of an emergency, it’s better to call +420 722 153 921 from 6.30am to 6pm.

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