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We use cutting-edge technology

In our business, size matters. And power too

That’s why we only use the most powerful and modern equipment to inspect, clean and unblock your sewage faster, better and at an affordable price. And we guarantee to solve any issue you could possibly imagine connected with sewers or pipelines. And all in just one trip.

Cleaning and suction vehicles

Our ever-dependable SCANIA, MAN, RENAULT, AVIA and IVECO vehicles are always decked out in our trademark violet and green. Our vehicles are equipped with recycling extensions for sludge suction and cleaning gutters, sewers and large profiled pipelines. Our smaller vehicles use pressurised water and mechanical spirals which are designed to clean smaller profiled sewers and household drains.

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Camera systems

We inspect sewer pipelines and connections using 4 camera systems. During the camera inspection we measure crack size, neck overlap, oval shape character and pipeline slope. You can monitor the distance covered and a description of the defects on screen so you can stay appraised. We also issue you with a report and video record on CD.

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Milling machines for sewers and pipelines

Our milling machines destroy in-growing roots, and hardened concrete. Our controlled robotic milling machines navigate the pipeline, crush even the hardest obstacles and then flush them out using water nozzles. The camera detects the problem quickly. As required, we can repair your pipeline with or with out excavation work and use lining for selected parts.

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Leak tests

We carry out leak tests using traditional methods using free surface water or compressed air but we also use modern computer-controlled leak test methods. Our computer plots the graph of the process in the form of a report featuring the test results. You can also view the process with us on the screen on site.

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Order our sewage services

Do you need experts with the proper technology? Write to us and one of our team will advise you, calculate the price and arrange a date. Or we can also call out to inspect the defect and propose a solution. In case of an emergency, call +420 722 153 921 from 6.30am to 6pm.

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