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Rainwater drain cleaning after heavy rain – Herčík and Kříž

Had a bout of heavy rain recently? Is your rainwater drain now clogged? Have standing water in the gutter intake and a large puddle by the courtyard intake? Call us and we’ll clean it straight away.

07. October 2015

Rainwater drain cleaning needs to be done from time to time

The cause of a blocked rainwater drain (especially gutter intakes – roof dirt catchers, courtyard intakes or street intakes) is usually due to the presence of items that aren’t supposed to be there (plastic bottles, mixed waste, cobblestones, etc.) or due to dry material, mainly mud in the siphon or intake drain. During heavy rain, the rainwater drain can’t handle the increased amounts of water and the impact becomes obvious very soon. Water starts leaking from the gutter intake, walls get damp and a puddle usually forms by the courtyard intake.

We have the right equipment and years of experience

If you’re experiencing any of these difficulties, don’t worry. Call us on +420 722 153 921 and a member of our team will arrange the earliest possible date and give you an estimate price. We do this kind of work every day and have the right equipment. Our combination vehicles suck water and sludge from intakes and clean them using water pressure clean blocked pipelines.

Precaution is the key

Read our article, how to prevent your rainwater drain from clogging. If you follow these few tips and recommendations you’ll save a lot of money on cleaning.