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Full reservoir, cesspool or separator?

Suction, cleaning and disposal. Easy, fast and at a great price

Every year we solve around 5,500 problems with sewage in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region. We’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty seeing as we also. Suction sludge and dispose of excrement. Our equipment would suction a pin from the bottom of the sea. And we clean your tank and pipeline with pressurised water.

Need to empty a reservoir, sludge tank? Need to drain a flooded basement or elevator shaft after a rainstorm? We suction, drain and remove it:

  • Grease separators in restaurants, kitchens and similar facilities
  • Sludge from wastewater pumps, reservoirs and tanks
  • Excrement from cesspools and septic tanks
  • Water and waste from flooded spaces

We use equipment that’s 4 times more powerful than standard cleaning and suction vehicles. We’re faster and represent value for money. After removing dirt and sludge, we clean your reservoir and connected pipeline using pressurised water if necessary.

Wastewater and sludge suction services

For 26 years we’ve been keeping sewage flowing. Our outstanding services include excrement removal from cesspools as our 17,000 satisfied customers and quality certificate can vouch for. We solve all problems with sewage, so look no further. And we’re fast.

Order reservoir, separator or excrement disposal

Are you experiencing problems with sewage but don’t know what to do? Unsure of what service or equipment to order?

Please tell us your problem in as much detail as possible and we will suggest a tentative solution.
If necessary we can arrange an inspection and consult with you on your problem.

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