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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question? You might find your answer here. And if not we’re here to help so just call us on tel. +420 722 153 921 or e-mail us at patek@hercikakriz.cz.

What does the price of your drain cleaning service cover?

The price for drain cleaning covers cleaning, transport and any potential costs associated with disposing of excavated waste. All information and rates can be found in our detailed price list.

My 12-metre-long DN 200 house connection is blocked. How much will the cleaning cost? I live in Prague.

The price for cleaning a blocked connection is CZK 2,370 + VAT. This price includes sewage cleaning (12 × CZK 140 per metre = CZK 1.680) and a flat fee per vehicle departure anywhere in Prague (CZK 690 per vehicle.) This price is the same – whether you live in Kladno, Roztoky or Beroun, The same flat fee per vehicle departure applies.

How soon can you call out?

You can reserve a time and date with our staff on +420 722 153 921. Just describe your problem and a member of our team will offer you the earliest possible date. We always do our best to get to you as soon as we can.

In which areas do you clean sewage and house drains?

We clean sewage anywhere in Prague and surrounding areas, but we can also make call-outs beyond these areas. It depends on the cost of transport and keeping our services at a reasonable price for you. For Kladno, Beroun and Roztoky the same flat fee applies as for Prague. For Říčany we operate a discounted flat fee compared to the normal price for mileage.

When is it better to clean sewage with water pressure and when should it be done mechanically with a cleaning spiral?

Mechanical pipe cleaning with a spiral is best for cleaning of small blocked drains (water basins, sinks, etc.) and of course for places where it’s not suitable or possible to clean pipes with water pressure. In all other situations water pressure is the preferred choice.

Cleaning with pressurised water is much more effective than using a spiral. Because a spiral often only makes a small hole in the clog, the water does drain but the sludge remains, meaning the pipes will clog again. Pressurised water destroys sludge and washes it away.

What should I do if wastewater is leaking from my toilet (shower, sink etc.) into my apartment?

  1. Close the main water connection to the building.
  2. Ask your neighbours not to use their drains until the emergency issue is solved.
  3. As soon as you prevent further damage, call us on +420 722 153 921.

What are your working hours?

Our working hours are from 6.30am to 6pm and weekends from 8am to 5pm. But we consider our working hours to be over only when we’ve resolved your emergency. So we won’t just drop tools at 6pm if the work isn’t complete. If you need us, you can also call us outside these working hours.

My drains are repeatedly blocked. What can I do?

In case of repeated blocking we recommend cleaning and inspecting the drains. We will carry out camera inspections, find out the cause of the clogging and remove it. We’ll prepare a quote for you for drain repair.

Do you also offer sewer repair?

Yes, we do construction or trenchless repairs by recovery drain packers. Please send us your inquiry and we’ll give you a quote.

Do you dispose of cesspools and septic tanks?

Yes. We dispose of waste water tanks, cesspools, septic tanks and grease separators mainly in Prague and surrounding areas.

My 10m3 septic tank is full and I live in Prague-Modřany. How much will disposal cost?

The price for septic tank disposal (sewage waters) is CZK 3,940 + VAT. Price includes disposal (CZK 1,900 per 8 m3 + 2* CZK 150 per m3) + CZK 1,100 (flat fee for vehicle departure in Prague) + 20 km * CZK 32 per Km = CZK 640 (transport to the designated place).

Do you have an emergency service?

We have an emergency service over weekends and holidays. Unfortunately, we don’t run our emergency service at night. In case of a night emergency, shut off the water connection and call us the following morning on +420 604 208 684.

I’ve a sewage emergency! How long will it take you to get here?

In 95% of cases we arrive to take care of all sewage cleaning emergencies on the same day we’re notified. If there’s a free vehicle with the necessary equipment to handle your emergency, we’ll come to you immediately. To make sure this happens we always have 11 fully equipped vehicles on hand.

I found a company that’s given me a better quote for sewage cleaning. Why should I choose you?

You’ll always be able to find a company that will give you a better quote for sewage cleaning for CZK 5 per meter than us. But because of the less efficient technology used it will take them more time, with more labour costs, meaning you’ll end up paying much more. We’re the best in our field and we ensure only the most powerful technology is used. We have vehicles to clean small profiled pipes from sinks and basins and our technology cleans clogged connections and main sewers. We’ve been at this for the past 23 years. And you as a customer are always our priority. We solve on average 4,500 drain problems a year and we’ve established long-lasting service relationships with almost 12,000 customers. And all this achieved with minimum complaints. Plus we automatically review our services for our customers’ benefit.

What kind of pressure tests do you perform?

We provide leak tests of sewers according to ČSN EN 1610 standard and also leak tests of sewage tanks, cesspools and tanks according to ČSN 75 0905 standard.