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How to prevent rainwater drains from getting blocked

In this article we’ll give you some tips on preventing your rainwater drains from getting blocked. If you follow our recommendations you won’t need our services for a long time :-)

07. October 2015

Preventive actions against clogging of rainwater drains

These steps aren’t complicated and are easy to follow. If you follow these rules you’ll save lots of money rainwater drain cleaning.. Rainwater drains include courtyard intakes, street intakes, mountain intakes and roof dirt catchers – gutter intakes.

Regular inspection of basket condition and gutter intake clogging

By regularly inspecting levels of clogging in baskets (silt catchers), you’ll know when they need to be cleaned. We recommend checking them at least twice a year. Ideally this should be done before winter when the baskets are full of leaves and then at the end of spring so everything is ready for those summer rainstorms. If you discover your baskets are completely full we recommend shortening your inspection intervals.

Empty clogged intake baskets and gutter intakes

We also recommend emptying your baskets upon inspection. You can easily remove the gutter intake basket with your hands but you’ll probably need some tools to empty the rainwater intake.

Sometimes your sludge storage in the courtyard intake becomes clogged. A pole with a bowl attached is best for cleaning this kind of space.

Do not throw anything into your rainwater drain

We often find waste items, such as plastic bottles, cobblestones, etc. in the gutter intakes. None of these items should ever get into the pipeline. Make sure there is a basket in the gutter intake and that it’s properly covered with a lid!

There are also cases of builders pouring rinse water from mixers or buckets after painting or cleaning tools, etc. into courtyard intakes. As a result intakes malfunction and become really hard or impossible to clean blocked drain into sewage system.

It’s also a bad idea to sweep waste, dust or leaves from courtyards into intakes.

If you wish we can come clean your rainwater drains

Don’t want to do this kind of work yourself? Is your rainwater drain already blocked? We’re here to help. Just call us anytime from 6.30am to 3pm on +420 722 153 921 and a member of our team will arrange the earliest possible appointment and give you an estimated price. In case of sewage system emergency we’re available until 6pm.