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How to clean a blocked drain yourself

This article describes what to do if your household drain is slow or sewage is blocking your toilet. We also give tips on how to clean the blocked drain yourself.

21. April 2015

Poorly flowing house drains

One example is when water from the sink is still draining but not as fast as it should. This is usually caused by stuck food waste, hair and other impurities in the siphon and on the walls of a heavily eroded pipeline. The easiest way to solve this problem is to use chemicals designed for drain cleaning. There are lots of these products on the market, such as sodium hydroxide and special gels, which are better at collecting the dirt on pipe walls. We recommend following the instructions on the specific products as well as adhering to all safety regulations.

We don’t recommend using chemical products when water isn’t draining at all.

A blocked toilet or house drain or when chemicals don’t work

If your household drain is blocked or if chemicals don’t work blocked drains, we recommend you try using a manual spiral to clean your drains. You can usually buy these spirals in DIY shops.

After that, follow this procedure:

  1. Remove the siphon and check to see if it’s clogged or blocked. If it is, clean it properly.
  2. Insert the spiral into the drain and push it towards the obstacle
  3. When the spiral stops and meets the obstacle (or sometimes because of the pipe elbow) start spinning the handle and gently push the spiral into the pipes. Try spinning on both sides.
  4. If the water begins to drain from the pipes you’re in business. Put the siphon back and check if the pipes drain properly. If they do, also try cleaning the pipes with drain chemical cleaning products to make sure – see above.

If your toilet is blocked we recommend removing the toilet (first stop the water and remove the filling hose) and checking to see if the clogging is in the siphon or in the connection point to the drain pipe. If it is, you can just remove the clog and put the toilet back, connect the water and clean up :-)

Specialists in house drain cleaning will do the dirty work for you

If you can’t manage to clean the blocked pipes or toilet yourself or you don’t want to buy a spiral or remove the siphon, contact the specialists in house drainage cleaning. They’ll do all the dirty work for you and provide a fast and professional service.

The cause of bad flow or a blocked drain may not only be waste that sticks to the pipe walls or a clogged siphon. It may also be due to a pipeline defect (loose gasket, offset pipes, broken pipes, reduced pipe profile because of eroded cast-iron pipes, etc.) That’s why it’s a good idea to look into benefitting from the most modern and efficient technology when choosing a specialist company.

We are the no. 1 company for our sewage cleaning and household drain cleaning services have vehicles that are fully equipped with powerful motor spirals and pressurised water for cleaning blocked house connections with the capacity to suction dirt. Thanks to this equipment, our team can solve any problem in just one visit.  Our premium services also employ colour cameras to detect the causes of clogging.

Our company fully meets industry standards. We are number one in Prague and Central Bohemia Region in providing drainage problem solutions. We clean drains and sewers, inspect drains with cameras and detect the reason for clogging. If the defect can’t be removed via standard cleaning then we sewage milling, or trenchless pipe repair.

This article also appears in our commercial article IDNES, originally published in IDNES.